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Information Technology General Curriculum


AC 1000 Foundations of Software Applications
AC 1010 Introduction to Information Technology
AC 1100 Foundations of Computer Hardware
AC 2000 Advanced Software Applications
AC 2535 Technical Writing

Major Requirements

AC 2020 Database Concepts
AC 2210 Networking Concepts
AC 2635 Methods in Facilitation
AC 2768 Web Page Design
AC 2789 Java Script Programming
AC 3310 Advanced Networking
AC 3500 Visual
AC 3900 Computer Applications Portfolio: Capstone


AC 2215 Network Security Fundamentals
AC 2410 The Cultural Impact of Information Technology
AC 2250 Computer Games
AC 2420 E-commerce
AC 2742 Digital Imaging for the Web
AC 3020 Advanced Database Topics
AC 3200 Introduction to Linux
AC 3520 Computer Animation for the Web

Information Technology Concentrations (Optional)

By selecting a concentration you can acquire specialized knowledge and skills in a specific area of information technology. Students may choose from the following IT concentrations:
• Web Development
• Network Administration

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